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First Assistant Director

Silence (2016) Short Film

Director: Dejan Mrkic

DOP: Matthew Jenkins


Two Lives 인생의 두 갈래 길 (2014) Short Film

Director: Gii Ness-Chang

DOP: Rudi Siira


Mr Zhang comes to Australia (2014) Short Film 

Director: Danni He

DOP: Thomas Hayes

Things I've Learned About Sex and Dogs (2013) Short Film

Director: Janet Duncan

DOP: Lara Luz


Dead Star Shine (2013) Music Video Clip - Horrorshow

Director: Kess Broekman-Dattner

DOP: Josh Mckie


Gold (2012) Music Video Clip - Guy Sebastian

Director: Guy Franklin

DOP: Edward Goldner


Love Like This (2012) Music Video Clip - All The Colours

Director: Guy Franklin

DOP: Edward Goldner


A Great Man (2012) Short Film

Director: Joshua Patrick Dawson  

DOP: Edward Goldner


Planes (2012) Short Film

Director: Roderick Diaz

DOP: Josh Mckie


Cross Country (2011) Short Film

Director: Tobias Willis

DOP: Jonathan Haynes


Tiny Earthquakes (2011) Short Film

Director: Nathania Gilson

DOP: Charlie Ford


". . . I just wanted to send you an email to commend you on how wonderful and how important you have been on the set of Mr Zhang. Thanks for pushing the project along, you were so pleasant and professional and a pleasure to work with."

- Jenny Wu, (Hero Actress)

Mr Zhang comes to Australia, August, 2014 

"Thank you soooo muuuch for making the entire shoot run like clockwork. And for keeping everyone focussed each day. I can't begin to express what a great relief / support you were for the entire shoot."

- Janet Duncan, (Writer / Director)

Things I've Learned About Sex and Men, 2013







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